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Note: Our website has been hacked. Fortunately, we have been able to retrieve most of the content and present it again here. We are still working on improving the layout of the site though. Have a good travel with us!

Vert l’Horizon, it’s finished !!

We are now back from Africa and are going to update our website’s blog shortly.

Many warm thanks to all of you who followed and supported us during this marvellous journey !!

We are going to write a book in the next months, which will be available as an ebook on this website.



Check our last photos here!

As promised, you can download the book of our adventure, along with a detailed study of the current situation of the planet in terms of energy environment and sustainable development here!

And last but not least, we mounted a film on this incredible year. You can find it in youtube: Part 1, Part 2.

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What is Vert l’horizon?

Vert l’horizon (“Towards a green horizon” in English) is a biking journey around the world in order to discoverer our sustainable future in the domain of environment and energy.

We are two friends, passionate about adventure and challenges. This journey is not only realised to feed our thirst for new discoveries, but also to learn about local specific features of renewable energy projects / environmental sustainability, as well as to transmit our knowledge. We will visit many projects, reserves, regions, … related to energy and environment. We want to learn from all of them and get a global image of sustainability. Of course we intend to be the witnesses, encourage and promote these projects.
We have prepared a video explaining our project:

We have also prepared a press file in order to summarize the main features of our project. It is available in English pdf-icon, and in Frenchpdf-icon.

The adventure starts on the 25th of September, in Bali.

Where are we going?

You can see on the map: we are starting in Indonesia, and we will cross 26 countries in 3 continents: Asia, America, and Africa. On each continent, we will climb a symbolic summit: Rinjani in Asia, Aconcagua in America and Kilimanjaro in Africa. The route has been planned in detail taking into account more than 800 points of interest. You can see it in our Map page.