Julien Peyrard aboutusJulien was born in Annecy in 1985. He grew up in a small city, Poisy, close to Annecy, where he enjoyed both the vicinity of a dynamic city and the wonderful surroundings. He got used to going hiking every weekend with his parents.

After obtaining his Baccalaureat in 2002, Julien stayed for two more years in Annecy, in “Classes Prépa”. In 2004, he entered the aeronautic engineer school ENSICA (now ISAE) in Toulouse for his passion for space. There, he learnt paragliding, and developed a thirst for discovery. After two years in Toulouse, he went to Madrid, to perfect his Spanish, and enter the prestigious aeronautic school ETSIA (UPM).

In 2008, with both diplomas obtained, Julien started to work, in the field he had dreamt: he entered the space company GMV, in Madrid, and started to study future missions to space. But he did not forget his desire for discovering the world and its limits… He climbed the Mont-Blanc, the Teide, and travelled to India, China, Brazil and French Guyana. He also hiked most of the mountains around Madrid, and learnt climbing.

Julien is very patient and rational. From his education and his family, Julien has always been very respectful of nature, and is convinced that we all have to radically change our behaviour before it is too late.

Julien is eager for new discoveries, new experiences and meeting people from any horizon. He is passionate about history, science, cultures, languages, sports, …


Mickaël Edon aboutusMickaël was born in Annecy in 1986, in the French Alps. After receiving a diploma in Applied Physics he departed to Switzerland and gained a solid range of professional experiences and skills. During three years, he discovered project management in the field of transport engineering; the highly demanding activities of a quality technician in an aeronautical enterprise; and the requirements of a data analyst position in a multinational company.

Convinced that a job must be a passion and serve a right cause, Mickaël decided to deepen his wind energy knowledge, acquired during traineeship in Denmark and Romania. He went back to university, in Edinburgh, and graduated of a BEng in environment and energy with a university medal. The following year, Mickaël was admitted to start a MSc. In Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy (ME3). This Master is being taught at the Ecole des Mines de Nantes in France, the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain. Consequently Mickaël was enriched from a strong multi-cultural environment. During his MSc. thesis he applied his technical capabilities on solar photovoltaic forecasting in the Reunion Island.

Having a keen interest in outdoor sports and adventure, Mickaël has volunteered in the National Parks of West USA; climbed the Mont-Blanc, cycled to Santiago de Compostela and to the North Cape; hiked the mountains of North Africa; participated to a humanitarian project in Madagascar; learned on how to fly a glider; competed with rowing and handball teams, !

Mickaël is committed to use his optimistic and impulsive character in order to become an effective actor for a transition to a sustainable development.