3 continents, 3 summits, and more!

Because we were born in the French Alps, and grew up with the sound of the bell from the cows living in the high mountain pasture, it is inconceivable that we don’t climb a few summits on the way!

So many slopes to play with around the world, so many different ascension types, which ones to choose? We thought that climbing one symbolic summit on each continent would give us some well-spaced breaks from cycling. Being in Asia in winter we decided to leave the Himalayas for a next visit and climb one of the 150 Indonesian volcanoes.

Rinjani volcano

The Rinjani is considered one of the most beautiful volcano in Indonesia; it possesses a crater lake filled of turquoise water. With an altitude of 3726 m, it is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Rinjani is still active and it is a classified as a stratovolcano (explosive).


The next challenge, and probably our biggest one during this trip is Aconcagua. Being the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres, it is one of the famous seven summits. To reach its 6962 m high summit, it requires a little less than 3 weeks of acclimatization. Aconcagua is situated in Argentina, near the Chilean border, in the Andes. The expedition being very costly, we are currently organizing its ascent with a local friend, Pablo.



There are a few other mountains and volcanoes that also offer a great temptation. The Chimborazo in Ecuador is one of them. With an altitude of 6267, its summit is the farthest point on the Earth’s surface from the Earth’s center. There, we will be put into orbit and shall greet you from space :)