25th and 26th September 2013

Drrrring!!!! Drrrriiing!!!
It’s Wednesday 25th of September, 3 AM!! It’s the D day! Today starts the adventure of our life! So it’s better to get up early.
We leave Sillingy at 3h30, in the van of Victor, a very nice neighbour, in direction of Geneva. At these hours, there is no traffic jam at the border. Here we are, in Geneva airport with our bikes and bags!!

P1010845 - low

Huge boxes for the bikes, like this they fit perfectly inside (once the front wheel is dismounted), and we were able to put protection to many parts of the bike to protect it during the trip. And our bike paniers? They all fit inside the white bags… 10 of them inside two bags. Of course, with 23kg per bike plus 40kg in bike bags, we overpass the limit of 30kg of the company (Malaysia Airlines), so we have to pay a supplement: 125 CHF per bike.
The flight went normally, 2 stops, in Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, and 24 hours in total for the trip…we got hot, cold, slept very little, played with the on-board screen, got angry at the excited neighbour… well like a normal flight. But we had to fight for our luggage to arrive in Denpasar (Bali). When we checked in, in Geneva, it was impossible for the lady to send our luggage directly to Denpasar but only to Kuala Lumpur. And so we will have to pick up our luggage (the two white shapeless bags, and the two enormous boxes) and check them in again for Denpasar. It’s a bug of their system and they are very sorry. Next episode, in Amsterdam: we go to the counter of Malaysia Airlines, to see if we can change the tag on our luggage so that they go directly to Denpasar. Apparently, it’s possible, they will do it but we will have to confirm in Kuala Lumpur. Now in Kuala Lumpur, we ask again to the Malaysia Airlines counter. They tell us that we have to pick up our luggage to check in them again later. So let’s go for picking up the luggage, and ipso facto, we enter the country and get our passport stamped. “How long are you going to stay in Malaysia” asks the agent. “Only one hour”. Fortunately, we don’t have any problem to cross Malaysia border. We wait for our luggage at the belt. Finally, the belt stops, and none has got out. Is it a good sign? We go to the missing luggage office, and the agent, after 10 minutes of research among the luggage ready for departure to Denpasar, finally finds ours… So everything had been done correctly. And indeed, in Denpasar, our luggage arrives perfectly, and in a good state.
The Indonesian visa had been worrying us these last days. To obtain the visa in the airport, we should show the return plane ticket. In our case, we don’t have, since we’ll leave Indonesia by boat. And we were only able to buy the boat ticket from Batam island (last Indonesian island, just in front of Singapore) to Singapore, since the ticket from Jakarta to Batam can be bought only 3 weeks in advance. We were afraid the boat ticket we had was not enough to prove our exit of Indonesia. And in fact, in the Malaysia Airlines counter in Amsterdam, the lady warned us that we may have difficulties. In the end, things went much smoother. A first desk to buy the visa, 25$ per person. A second desk where we present our passport and the stick the visa inside. No more questions.
We even passed the customs without problems.
So here we are, just outside the airport, in the humidity and heat of Bali, mounting our bikes. We have many spectators. After one hour of work or so, here is the result:

P1010847 - low

Now we are ready to strike our pedals. Today, we plan to do only 10km to go to Refi’s house. It takes us several minutes to realize that in Bali, people drive on the left. There is a lot of traffic on the roads we take, especially a lot of motos. It’s a little the jungle law, although the people drive quite slow, and have very good reflex. But what a relief when suddenly we take a smaller road and there is no one… just a little of wind to refresh us. In the end, it took us one hour and a half to arrive to Refi’s house, given we had to search a little to arrive exactly at the house. We are received by Refi’s wife, Hannah and their little child, Nidal. With such heat (about 30 degrees) and humidity, it’s so good to take a cold shower when we arrive.

Abrazos from Denpasar.