Finally, we are in Argentina, and we can eat as much meat as we want (even more). But Argentinian food is not only beef!! Here are some things we were lucky to try in Argentina. (Like for every entry about food, you should come here after eating, or it may be hard to refrain from dribbling)

In Buenos Aires, we had our first breakfast with typical things: coffee with milk, orange juice, two types of croissants and a glass of water. The croissants are called in Spanish media luna (half moon), and can be sweet (very sweet, like Spanish croissants) or neutral (very good!)


As you know, Argentina is the country of the meat. Here too, the cow is sacred, but for the meat! When they serve you a piece of meat, you are sure that it will be huge, and the meat very sweet. We ate in several “asado” (grill restaurant) in the country, and every time we have been amazed by the meat.


But meat is not only asado. It can be the base of a dish, a little like a pizza. It that case, it’s a thin (but vast) piece of beef, coated with breading. It’s called Milanesa. And if you put tomato and cheese on it, you get a Milanesa a la Napolitana:


When we arrived in Mendoza, at Federico’s house, we got a typical Argentinian dinner: some empanadas argentinas (small pie, generally of meat), lettuce and bread with ham and cheese. And of course, we had some Argentinian wine to drink with it. Just perfect combination.


During the Aconcagua trekking, unfortunately, we could not have such good food every day. At the base camp, there were still cooks, and we ate very good (given the conditions). But afterwards, we had some snacks for lunch, and for dinner a pre-prepared bag that only needed to be warmed in hot water… well it was not so bad on the moment (as long as it’s hot, you’re happy to eat it!), but compared to what we had in Argentina, it’s not the best things…


As you know, after the Aconcagua trek, we went to a winery to have a gastronomic lunch. The presentation of the plates was absolutely amazing! Here are the starters:


And the main courses:


Of course, we tried some local wines over there. Just look at the quantity of glasses on the table:


As many Italians emigrated to Argentina, they brought many of their food. Along with the cheese (thank you so much my friends!!!), the wines, pasta, …, they also brought ice cream. And in Argentina, it’s typical to order ice cream per kilo, and they serve you in a kind of isotherm pot made of polystyrene.


But Argentina, it’s also the first country where we tried our stove and cooked French “haute cuisine”: pasta with sauce, in the middle of nowhere!


Un abrazo a todos!