So, here we are, in Singapore, and looking back at our three weeks spent in Indonesia. And next to the magical landscapes and wonderful people we met, we will remember the food in Indonesia. We were looking forward to every meal, in order to try local food. Here, food in the small restaurants (warung) is so cheap, and really good, if you manage to have not spicy dishes (yes… we are Europeans with a poor tolerance to chili).

If you have not eaten yet, you’d better not read this post now…

Here, the food has generally been served to us in plate, with a fork and a spoon. You can forget about the knife, we never saw it. Sometimes, we were served in a sheet of paper, of in a traditional banana leaf.

For us, the king of the dishes was the Nasi Goreng: the local fried rice. We ordered it so many times, and were never disappointed.

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Under the chicken, a Nasi Goreng!!

They have a lot of dishes based on rice. For example, the typical dish of Yogyakarta is the Nasi Gudek: it’s plain rice with a sweet sauce made of jackfruit. The jackfruit prepared like this really looks like meat, we did not know it was a fruit the first time we tried it.

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In Indonesia, all the warung have a kind of Nasi Campur: it’s a plate of plain rice, with some 3 or 4 accompaniments: it can be boiled eggs, tofu (called tahu here), a kind of fried tofu (called tempe), spicy chicken, noodles, fish, some vegetables, … well you choose among 8-10 dished you can see in front of you. It’s very good to try new things.

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Generally, the meat we had was from chicken. The typical way to cook it is Ayam Goreng: it’s a deep fried piece of chicken (breast, leg, wing), with on it a topping of fried onions. Of course, it’s served in a plate with rice and some vegetables

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If you cannot eat rice, you always can order some noodles: for example fried noodles (Mie Goreng):

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We also had very good soups (Soto), with spices inside (but not chili!):

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Among the typical restaurants we can find in Indonesia, we tried the Padang food in Jakarta. The waiter brings you a plate of plain rice, and a lot of small dishes. In fact a little of each dishes he has prepared today. And you eat with your rice what you want of these dishes, and at the end, you pay for what you ate.

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Indonesians abroad miss two things of their home food. One is the Padang food, and the other one is the Krupuk. Krupuk is a kind of very light cracker, full of air… a little like the “prawn crackers” we take for starters. Mick became addicted to these:

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For dessert, we generally ate fruits. We discovered some interesting fruits.

Who had seen a yellow watermelon? In fact, it is very sweet, and at least as good as our known pink watermelon.

There is also a weird fruit, with the skin very similar to a snake’s skin: Salah. Let’s say it a distant cousin of the litchi. Once you remove the skin, you have 3 fruits inside, having a white flesh and a big seed like the litchi. The flesh is quite dry, and has a sweet taste. At then end, there is a little taste of wild strawberry.

And let’s finish with the Durian, the “king of the fruits”. As we were said, or you love it, or you hate it. In our case, unfortunately, it’s the latter option… We were really expecting to finally try this famous fruit and we were not disappointed. It smells like rotten fruit/vegetable in a trash. Well, that is not a problem, we have delicious cheeses with worse smell. But the problem is that for us the taste matches the smell. We had the impression to eat rotten onions. And once you have eaten it, the taste stays a long time in your mouth and it repeats during several hours later.

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