We are proud partner of the Sust-EMA-bility network. We want to foster this network of committed students by organising events, such as conferences and meetings, on our way.


Sust-EMA-bility Network

Who we are

Sust-EMA-bility is a network that promotes a culture that focuses on sustainable practices within EMA (Erasmus Mundus Association) and OCEANS (Organisation for Cooperation, Exchange and Networking among Students) and create an ethical and organizational values that covers the three pillars of sustainability’s social, environment and economic (with particular interest in environmental issues). The goal is to cultivate the idea that each and every one of has a role to play and a responsibility to live sustainably without over-reliance on the powers that be i.e. governments and multinationals. We aim to raise awareness among the members of EMA and OCEANS as well as come up with practical ways they can implement sustainable practises in their day to day lives.

What we want


To foster growth and prosperity in EMA and OCEANS by achieving sustainability throughout the associations and their activities.


We envision EMA and OCEANS working efficiently and collaboratively to provide a “green” future that promotes achievement in a social, environmental and economical environment supported by a partnership among all EMA and OCEANS members.

So far

Five main projects under the banner of sust-EMA-bility have been successfully undertaken;

a) Creation of an environmental policy document that EMA’s Steering Committee and OCEANS’ Coordinating Board have endorsed and are already signatory to. This document provides sustainable practises guidelines within the Associations paying particular attention to the planning of events. Its intention is also influence behavioural changes among its members.

b) A sustainability day dubbed SustEMAday, where members of both organisations in there cities come together and organise fun-filled, sustainability activities, that will be held annually to coincide with the World Earth Day in April. The inaugural event was held on 21nd April, 2013 in Ravenna, Rome, Mexico City and Mumbai. The Freiburg event held 10th May, 2013.

c) A sustainable GA that was held in Barcelona between 14th and 15th June and OCEANS AGM in Berlin on 5th and 6th July that served as pilot programs for future sustainable events.

d) The first ever SustEMA Travel competition that seeks to encourage low impact travel to EMA and OCEANS events were held after the GA and AGM. Prizes were awarded to the person who travelled the longest distance with the most sustainable means of transport.

e) We have partnered with Vert l’horizon (“Towards a green horizon” in English), a biking journey around the world in order to discover our sustainable future in the domain of environment and energy that kicks off on 25th September, 2013 in Bali



http://vertlhorizon.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/PressFile_Eng.pdf (itinerary)

Join us as we walk towards a sustainable future. Share your success stories, partner with us or tell us of your great ideas and we will find a way to support you.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SustEMAbility?ref=hl

Twitter: @sust_EMA_bility

Blog: http://sustemability.tumblr.com/