Bad weather

A piece of Europe in the tip of Africa

2nd to 5th August
Saturday 02 August
Finally, we can rest! After 9 days of pedalling! The house is very comfortable, and the bed is just wonderful. The weather is cloudy and rather cold, it’s still winter here. We go to an organic market this morning. They sell all kinds of food, from burger to cheese, cakes, […]

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Three, Two, One, Bungee!

23rd to 26th July
Wednesday 23 July
We pack the bikes and panniers in the car (that we had rented last Friday), and leave Joburg. It’s 8h, just the end of the daily traffic jam. We manage exiting Joburg without getting lost, and we drive on the barren plateau of the Free State. The landscape is quite […]

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The Chimborazo

30th April to 2nd May
Wednesday 30 April
We enjoy a well-deserved rest day in Riobamba. Stefano and his wife Maritza take good care of us, cook for us, and they advise us for the next days: finally, we will spend a little more time in the Oriente (the jungle part of Ecuador), because there are good […]

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The biggest climb!!

21st to 23rd April
Monday 21 April
It’s already time to leave this paradise-like place. We have three days of cycling to come, in order to arrive in Cuenca on Wednesday, so that we can spend Thursday with Alex to visit her city before she leaves, on Thursday evening. The first part of the route, Playas-Guayaquil, we […]

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So many things to do in La Paz

23rd to 26th March
Sunday 23 March
We arrive in La Paz at 7h in the morning. There is no cafĂ© open yet to take breakfast, so we go directly to the Casa de Ciclistas. The owner of the house, Cristian, is fond of touring cycling, and has open his house to the travellers, for a very […]

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Expedition to the Aconcagua

6th to 22nd February
Thursday 6 February (Day 01)
After a good night of sleep, we set up the last things, and prepare our bags for the expedition. Klaus and Federico drive us to the NH hotel at 2pm. That’s where we met our guide Mariano, along with the rest of the team: the other two guides, […]

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A look back on our Christmas in China

19th December to 6th January
Monday 6 January
Hi everyone. It’s now the 6th of January, and we start again our adventure. We are in Kunming and arrived yesterday by train from Sichuan. We get up at 6h30 to finish packing our stuffs, and go to the airport to take the plane for Nepal. But first, here […]

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Facing the winter in Yunnan

14th to 18th December
Saturday 14 December
The alarm rings at 7. Wow it is still raining outside. And it has been raining all the night. Maybe better we wait till 8, to see how it’s going. At 8, it’s still raining the same. Finally, we get up at 9, with little motivation. We have a breakfast […]

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In the North of Vietnam

10th to 13th December
Tuesday 10 December
Today, we go to Halong. The famous bay is like 140km in the East of Hanoi. As we do not have time to go there by bicycle, we’ll go by bus. In the morning, we walk cross the old city, towards the bus station. On the way, we find French […]

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