A paradise… for tourists

27th to 30th June
Friday 27 June
We arrive around 9h at Tulum. Wow! It’s totally different from Palenque. Here we feel like in a beach city, organised for the tourists. There is one main streets with shops and restaurants on both sides, a lot of white-skinned tourists in swimming suit and flip-flops, people are calm, in […]

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On Oaxaca coast – Sea, Heat and Sun

17th to 20th June
Tuesday 17 June
Today, we will follow the coast, down to Mazunte. It’s only some 70km, so we can relax a bit this morning. Thank you Jim for this great night among the humming birds!

So here we are at 11h, leaving for Mazunte!. Big mistake! The weather is very hot now, at least […]

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Beach in Peru and Ecuador

16th to 20th April
Wednesday 16 April
We arrive at Mancora at 7h. We’ve just passed by a wind farm and the oil region of Talara, full of small pumps (caballitos). Mancora is still sleeping but we manage to find a place for breakfast. 5 minutes leaving the bus, we realize that we forgot one bag inside […]

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Cycling up to Phan Rang

2nd to 5th December
Monday 2 December
We get up at 6 and go to take breakfast nearby with our host: noodle soup with pork or fish. Then we pack our bikes, go to buy food for the day, and start biking. Today we have around 100km to do, on small roads very near the coast. As […]

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Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau

28th November to 1st December
Thursday 28 November
Today is a rest day. After the two difficult biking days from Phnom Penh to here, it’s good to just sleep, relax, put some order in our things, ! We get up late in the morning, and have a big breakfast. There is a supermarket of Western products just […]

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In the South of Thailand

2nd to 6th November

We leave Murshed’s house around 8h30. He drives us to the police station, to recuperate our bikes. Then we go to the port of Kuala Perlis. We want to cross the border by boat. Kuala Perlis is the main port to go to the Malaysian island of Langkawi, a very touristic island. […]

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Going to hell

8th, 9th and 10th October

We get up at 7 and pack up our panniers after breakfast. We leave around 8h! that’s good, we are starting to get used to packing. We ride until Gilimanuk, some 23km away, to take the boat for Java. This morning, it is really hard to cycle. Is it the […]

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Crossing Bali

5th, 6th and 7th October

After a good sleep and a calm morning we leave Refi’s house at around 11am. Today, we are definitely leaving Denpasar, and start our travel forward. As decided a few days before, we will reach the West of Bali by following the North coast. For this, we have first to […]

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