Beach in Peru and Ecuador

16th to 20th April
Wednesday 16 April
We arrive at Mancora at 7h. We’ve just passed by a wind farm and the oil region of Talara, full of small pumps (caballitos). Mancora is still sleeping but we manage to find a place for breakfast. 5 minutes leaving the bus, we realize that we forgot one bag inside […]

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On the North coast of Titicaca lake

27th to 31st March
Thursday 27 March
We get up at 6h30. After having gone to bed at 2h30, the night has been very short. And why get up so early? Because Cristian (so many Cristian around here, now it’s the owner of the Casa de Ciclistas) proposed to take us up to El Alto where he […]

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Bromo volcano

11th and 12th October

Today, we leave Banyuwangui for Malang. Since we could not put the bicycle in the train for Malang directly, we’ll take another train, for Bangil, and then cycle 40km more to Malang. The train leaves at 8h30, so we arrive one hour earlier at the station, in order to have time […]

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First contact with Bali!!

25th and 26th September 2013
Drrrring!!!! Drrrriiing!!!
It’s Wednesday 25th of September, 3 AM!! It’s the D day! Today starts the adventure of our life! So it’s better to get up early.
We leave Sillingy at 3h30, in the van of Victor, a very nice neighbour, in direction of Geneva. At these hours, there is no traffic jam […]

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