Safari in North Namibia

11th and 12th August
Monday 11 August
We leave Sarien and Dennis’ place at 8h30 to take the bus. It’s again Intercape, and this time, we do not have a box. So we decide to wrap the bikes together in a cling film. It has the advantage of protecting the bikes, preventing them to make other luggage […]

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A piece of Europe in the tip of Africa

2nd to 5th August
Saturday 02 August
Finally, we can rest! After 9 days of pedalling! The house is very comfortable, and the bed is just wonderful. The weather is cloudy and rather cold, it’s still winter here. We go to an organic market this morning. They sell all kinds of food, from burger to cheese, cakes, […]

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Studies about the urban improvement in Colombia

In the Universidad de los Andes, we meet María Alejandra Pardo, who is in the study group of the university about urban and regional sustainability.This group of the university is funded by the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, by the Ministry of Transport of Colombia, by the Secretary of Transport of Bogotá. They also have a […]

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Beach in Peru and Ecuador

16th to 20th April
Wednesday 16 April
We arrive at Mancora at 7h. We’ve just passed by a wind farm and the oil region of Talara, full of small pumps (caballitos). Mancora is still sleeping but we manage to find a place for breakfast. 5 minutes leaving the bus, we realize that we forgot one bag inside […]

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In Lima, welcome to another Peru

11th to 15th April
Friday 11 April
We arrive in Lima in the early morning, around 7. Once we have loaded our bikes, we go quickly to our couchsurfer’s place, where we take shower. And we go to the Pontifical Universidad Católica de Perú (PUCP), to our meeting. We go to the Instituto de Ciencias de la […]

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Finally, we are in Buenos Aires!

1st to 5th February
Saturday 1 February
After a very short night between Delhi and Doha, we arrive in Qatar for sunrise. The airport seems to be an important hub: we do not see many locals, but a lot of tourists, mainly Chinese. As it is Chinese New Year now, many Chinese enjoyed the little holidays they […]

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On the road to Hanoi

6th to 9th December
Friday 6 December
Today, we rest in Phan Rang, at Kim’s place. We get up a little before 9, to go to take breakfast with Alex. We go just nearby to eat bread and coffee. Of course, the lady of the small restaurant is super surprised when Mick asks for a fourth bread […]

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North of Malaysia

27th October to 1st of November

Today, we’ll go to Seramban. It’s about 80km way according to Googlemaps. But in the end, we do 100km in the day. The ride is pleasant this morning, and we see the kilometres passing by smoothly. Like two days ago, the landscape is dominated by palm trees plantations, with some […]

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