Mining and Environment in Chile

In the evening, we go to meet Sebastián, a former classmate of Federico (our host in Mendoza), also ME3 student a few years ago. Sebastián works in 3 different companies: a private one and two fundations.

Quick overview of Chile

Most of the CO2 emissions in Chile are due to power generation. For this, 50% comes from […]

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Discussion about the CDM

28th January

On the 28th, we meet with Arjun Some, a Senior Consultant from Ernst & Young LLp. He used to do a lot of work with Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and therefore, we have many questions to ask him.

CDM, CER how does it work?

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has been defined in the Kyoto Protocol […]

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In the South of Thailand

2nd to 6th November

We leave Murshed’s house around 8h30. He drives us to the police station, to recuperate our bikes. Then we go to the port of Kuala Perlis. We want to cross the border by boat. Kuala Perlis is the main port to go to the Malaysian island of Langkawi, a very touristic island. […]

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From waste to compost

3rd and 4th October

This morning we decide to come back to Bali, instead of going to the splendid islands of Gili. It’s a difficult choice to make. Our legs are still smoking but we want to have time to visit a CDM project tomorrow on Bali. After some shopping in Mataram (including a new […]

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