A look back on our Christmas in China

19th December to 6th January
Monday 6 January
Hi everyone. It’s now the 6th of January, and we start again our adventure. We are in Kunming and arrived yesterday by train from Sichuan. We get up at 6h30 to finish packing our stuffs, and go to the airport to take the plane for Nepal. But first, here […]

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Environmental Economy in China

On Saturday 28th December, we go to Chengdu to have a meeting with Jing Xu, an economy teacher who specialized in environmental economy during her PhD.

About her: Jing Xu did her PhD in the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, in Spain, during 5 years, about environmental economics. She applied Game Theory on whether private companies would […]

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Energy and Waste treatment in China

Note: We are sorry for not having updated the website earlier. We have been with very bad internet connection (or no connection at all) since we left China.

Note 2: The videos of the previous posts (North Vietnam, and YunNan) have been uploaded. Finally!!

On Monday 23rd December, we were kindly invited by Shu Chen, Vice Director […]

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Facing the winter in Yunnan

14th to 18th December
Saturday 14 December
The alarm rings at 7. Wow it is still raining outside. And it has been raining all the night. Maybe better we wait till 8, to see how it’s going. At 8, it’s still raining the same. Finally, we get up at 9, with little motivation. We have a breakfast […]

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