Finally, we are in Buenos Aires!

1st to 5th February
Saturday 1 February
After a very short night between Delhi and Doha, we arrive in Qatar for sunrise. The airport seems to be an important hub: we do not see many locals, but a lot of tourists, mainly Chinese. As it is Chinese New Year now, many Chinese enjoyed the little holidays they […]

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One week in Delhi

24th to 31st January
Friday 24 January
From the train window, we see India passing before our eyes. The land around us is very much occupied: fields, towns, rivers, ! always a lot of people, and also cows and dogs. And many places full of trash. It looks like an impressionist’s painting, with many touches of colour. […]

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Varanasi, Ganges river, and the Hindu religion…

22nd and 23rd January
Wednesday 22 January
Today, we finally can sleep a little. We meet our guide, Sandip, at 10. First thing, we go to the train station to buy our tickets for Delhi. In fact, there is an office reserved for foreigners. That’s a good idea, because the Indian mess makes it impossible for us […]

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Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau

28th November to 1st December
Thursday 28 November
Today is a rest day. After the two difficult biking days from Phnom Penh to here, it’s good to just sleep, relax, put some order in our things, ! We get up late in the morning, and have a big breakfast. There is a supermarket of Western products just […]

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From Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City

23rd to 27th November
Saturday 23 November
We had a nice, long night, to rest from yesterday’s emotions. We go to take breakfast in the small restaurant nearby, rice with meat. Today, Phavy takes us around the city by car. We first drive around to find a place to sew the flags we bought in Bangkok on […]

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Small hops to Bangkok

7th to 13th November
Thursday 7th November
Today, we go to Phi Phi island. We rush down the Ao Nang village, have a quick breakfast, to go to take the ferry to Ko Phi Phi. We have to pay an extra for the bicycles, but there is no problem to take them on board. The boat is […]

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North of Malaysia

27th October to 1st of November

Today, we’ll go to Seramban. It’s about 80km way according to Googlemaps. But in the end, we do 100km in the day. The ride is pleasant this morning, and we see the kilometres passing by smoothly. Like two days ago, the landscape is dominated by palm trees plantations, with some […]

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Rest in Singapore

19th, 20th, 21th October

We had a good night on the boat. In the end, the cabin we have is comfortable enough. We enjoy our free time on the ferry to update ourselves with everything we can do offline. We arrive in Pulau Batam around 16h30. We are a little concerned whether we’ll manage to go […]

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16th, 17th, 18th of October

We arrive in the bus station of Jakarta at 5h30 am. After mounting the bikes, we head towards the house of our next couchsurfer, Citra. Before arriving to Jakarta, we heard everyone warning us of the traffic here! so we were prepared to affront hell. In fact, it is not as […]

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