Bogota, our last step in enchanting South America

28th May to 2nd June

At the end of this post, you’ll find the answers of the Medellín Botero paintings.
Wednesday 28 May
We get up at 4h30, to pack everything, load the bikes, and go to the terminal. There, Fabi needs to negotiate strongly, so that the driver accepts the bikes for a tip that is not […]

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Measuring the air quality

Norbey Barahona is an electrical engineer. He has been working for five years in this centre of measures of the air quality in Bogota, doing maintenance of the measuring device, so that they are always functioning.

The network:

The network of measuring device for the air quality in Bogotá started in 1997. There are currently 14 stations […]

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Studies about the urban improvement in Colombia

In the Universidad de los Andes, we meet María Alejandra Pardo, who is in the study group of the university about urban and regional sustainability.This group of the university is funded by the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, by the Ministry of Transport of Colombia, by the Secretary of Transport of Bogotá. They also have a […]

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Barrancabermeja and Boyacas

24th to 27th May
Saturday 24 May
Today, Fabi will be our tour guide in Barrancabermeja.

This city exists because and around the refinery. It is the biggest refinery of Colombia, able to process one third of the 750 000 barrels per day of crude oil that the country produces. It has been built 90 years ago in […]

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Going to the oven of Barrancabermeja

21st to 23rd May
Wednesday 21 May
Today, we leave Medellín, towards Barrancabermeja. It will take us three days to reach the city where Fabi lives. We get up early to start cycling as soon as the sun rises! It is quite complicated to leave Medellín: an intense traffic (many trucks), roads without indications, ! well, we […]

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Medellín, the city of Eternal Spring

16th to 20th May
Friday 16 May
We arrive at 6h30 in Medellin. The bus, from Expreso Bolivariano, was comfortable and allowed us to sleep well. We arrive just next to the Enrique Olaya Herrera airport, where Carlos Gardel died in a plane crash in 1935. Mick finds his bike punctured by… a lovely golden heart.

We cross […]

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Breaks in Pasto and Cali

10th to 15th May
Saturday 10 May
It’s with some sadness that we leave David’s family, Quito, and Ecuador today. We had planned to cross the country in 10 days, but in fact, we stayed three weeks: Ecuador captivated us, for its people, the landscapes, the diversity, the dynamism! this country is really a great touristic destination.

This […]

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Research about fuel cells and paper making in the University del Valle

13th May
Fuel Cells
The first meeting is with Rubén Camargo about fuel cells. The university started to look at fuel cells for possible environmental developments, but they are now also applied in the medical field.

A fuel cell is composed by two solutions, one anodic, the other one cathodic, separated by a membrane. It works exactly like […]

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