Cycling in Southern Zambia

25th to 30th August
Monday 25 August
We get up at 6, a little before sunrise. It’s very cold this morning. We take our time to organize our panniers. Finally, we leave the camping, around 10h.

In the end, we have spent 8 days here, and it has been very pleasant. The camping was very calm, with wonderful […]

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Across the Caprivi strip

13th to 17th August
Wednesday 13 August
We enjoy a lazy morning. We get up at 7h, after sunrise. We take our time to have breakfast and try to see the Popa falls. But it’s more like rapids than real falls. So it’s not really impressive, despite the sound of the water that can be heard from […]

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The Green Garden Route

27th July to 1st August
Sunday 27 July
We leave the house one hour after sunrise! It took us a long time to get prepared. There is still a strong head wind, and the sky is threatening today. The road is very hilly, we go down to sea level when we pass a village, then rise up […]

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Three, Two, One, Bungee!

23rd to 26th July
Wednesday 23 July
We pack the bikes and panniers in the car (that we had rented last Friday), and leave Joburg. It’s 8h, just the end of the daily traffic jam. We manage exiting Joburg without getting lost, and we drive on the barren plateau of the Free State. The landscape is quite […]

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Integrated Water Resource Management

Khathutshelo Neluheni is agriculturist in Agronomy/Horticulture by education/profession. He is now working for the German company Rodeco Consulting GmbH. This consulting company has been subcontracted to implement the “Southern African Development Community” Integrated Water Resource Management (SADC IWRM) pilot projects in six countries namely; Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The funding of […]

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Going to the oven of Barrancabermeja

21st to 23rd May
Wednesday 21 May
Today, we leave Medellín, towards Barrancabermeja. It will take us three days to reach the city where Fabi lives. We get up early to start cycling as soon as the sun rises! It is quite complicated to leave Medellín: an intense traffic (many trucks), roads without indications, ! well, we […]

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On the North coast of Titicaca lake

27th to 31st March
Thursday 27 March
We get up at 6h30. After having gone to bed at 2h30, the night has been very short. And why get up so early? Because Cristian (so many Cristian around here, now it’s the owner of the Casa de Ciclistas) proposed to take us up to El Alto where he […]

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From Nepal to Varanasi, discovering cycling in India

17th to 21th January
Friday 17 January
Since we went to sleep early, we get up without problems before sunrise. The weather is very wet, there is fog on all the valley. Today, we decided to go to Gorakhpur, some 130km away, where Jamil, Shakil’s brother, will host us. And also we have to pass the border, […]

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Angkor, we are coming!

Vendredi 15 Novembre

We get up at 4 am, and pack up our bikes quickly. We cross the city by night to go to the train station. We train to Aranyaprathet, Thailand’s last city before the border with Cambodia. As it is not possible to book tickets for this train in advance, and we also have […]

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In the South of Malaysia

23th, 24th, 25th and 26th October

We get up around 7, to meet Akira at breakfast, before he goes to work. Like this, we speak one last time with him. He may be able to join us for the Kilimanjaro ascent next year, so great!

After pack up our bags, and enjoy a last time the swimming […]

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