Medellín, the city of Eternal Spring

16th to 20th May
Friday 16 May
We arrive at 6h30 in Medellin. The bus, from Expreso Bolivariano, was comfortable and allowed us to sleep well. We arrive just next to the Enrique Olaya Herrera airport, where Carlos Gardel died in a plane crash in 1935. Mick finds his bike punctured by… a lovely golden heart.

We cross […]

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Breaks in Pasto and Cali

10th to 15th May
Saturday 10 May
It’s with some sadness that we leave David’s family, Quito, and Ecuador today. We had planned to cross the country in 10 days, but in fact, we stayed three weeks: Ecuador captivated us, for its people, the landscapes, the diversity, the dynamism! this country is really a great touristic destination.

This […]

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In Quito, with the history, politics and environment

7th to 9th May
Wednesday 7 May
This morning, we take the bus to go to Quito. Once again, it’s easy to put the bikes inside the bus, and they do not ask us for any tip or extra. The road is always turning. No more than 100m without a curve! And fortunately, we do it by […]

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One day in the Amazonas

6 May
Tuesday 6 May
After some deep investigation yesterday night, we did not find anything in Tena that propose us a tour in the jungle. So early this morning, we take the bus for Puerto Misahuallí, a village on the Napo river, and the main touristic port of the Ecuadorian Amazonas region. From here, we take […]

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In Lima, welcome to another Peru

11th to 15th April
Friday 11 April
We arrive in Lima in the early morning, around 7. Once we have loaded our bikes, we go quickly to our couchsurfer’s place, where we take shower. And we go to the Pontifical Universidad Católica de Perú (PUCP), to our meeting. We go to the Instituto de Ciencias de la […]

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So many things to do in La Paz

23rd to 26th March
Sunday 23 March
We arrive in La Paz at 7h in the morning. There is no café open yet to take breakfast, so we go directly to the Casa de Ciclistas. The owner of the house, Cristian, is fond of touring cycling, and has open his house to the travellers, for a very […]

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Visits in Uyuni and Potosi

19th to 22nd March
Wednesday 19 March
Today is our rest day in Uyuni. We enjoy to clean the bikes (in half an hour, they did it for us, for an amazing result, and 1€ per bike! For cleaning the chain, they used a king of Karcher throwing diesel at high pressure, wonderful), visit the city, try […]

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Santiago and Valparaiso

2nd to 9th March
Sunday 2 March
After a wonderful night on a real bed, we have a big breakfast. And after going to the market to buy fresh food, let’s have a small lunch! Wonderful!

Then, we go out in the city, with Pablo and Blandine as guides. We first go to the Palacio de la Moneda, […]

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Finally, we are in Buenos Aires!

1st to 5th February
Saturday 1 February
After a very short night between Delhi and Doha, we arrive in Qatar for sunrise. The airport seems to be an important hub: we do not see many locals, but a lot of tourists, mainly Chinese. As it is Chinese New Year now, many Chinese enjoyed the little holidays they […]

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One week in Delhi

24th to 31st January
Friday 24 January
From the train window, we see India passing before our eyes. The land around us is very much occupied: fields, towns, rivers, ! always a lot of people, and also cows and dogs. And many places full of trash. It looks like an impressionist’s painting, with many touches of colour. […]

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