Varanasi, Ganges river, and the Hindu religion…

22nd and 23rd January
Wednesday 22 January
Today, we finally can sleep a little. We meet our guide, Sandip, at 10. First thing, we go to the train station to buy our tickets for Delhi. In fact, there is an office reserved for foreigners. That’s a good idea, because the Indian mess makes it impossible for us […]

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From Nepal to Varanasi, discovering cycling in India

17th to 21th January
Friday 17 January
Since we went to sleep early, we get up without problems before sunrise. The weather is very wet, there is fog on all the valley. Today, we decided to go to Gorakhpur, some 130km away, where Jamil, Shakil’s brother, will host us. And also we have to pass the border, […]

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Tour de Gorkha with Pushkar Shah

9th to 12th January
Thursday 9 January
We had not planned it, but we will spend one more day in Kathmandu. Following Sophie’s recommendation, today, we go for a ride in the hills in the East of Kathmandu. More precisely, we will go to Nagarkot tower, where we are supposed to have a great view on all […]

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Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau

28th November to 1st December
Thursday 28 November
Today is a rest day. After the two difficult biking days from Phnom Penh to here, it’s good to just sleep, relax, put some order in our things, ! We get up late in the morning, and have a big breakfast. There is a supermarket of Western products just […]

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From Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City

23rd to 27th November
Saturday 23 November
We had a nice, long night, to rest from yesterday’s emotions. We go to take breakfast in the small restaurant nearby, rice with meat. Today, Phavy takes us around the city by car. We first drive around to find a place to sew the flags we bought in Bangkok on […]

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Exploring Angkor temples

Sunday 17 November
We get up around 8, after a good night of sleep. We go by bike to Angkor Wat, that is 10km in the North of where we sleep. Of course, we first have our rice for breakfast. From Siem Reap to Angkor, we take the main road, which is called Charles de Gaulle […]

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Around Jogja

13th, 14th and 15th October

We get up at 5h30, and have a very good western breakfast at the homestay with Rani. Then we leave for Malang, to take our train at 8h. Here too, it’s better to arrive early, in case we may have some complications with the bikes. And we do have! it […]

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