In Quito, with the history, politics and environment

7th to 9th May
Wednesday 7 May
This morning, we take the bus to go to Quito. Once again, it’s easy to put the bikes inside the bus, and they do not ask us for any tip or extra. The road is always turning. No more than 100m without a curve! And fortunately, we do it by […]

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One day in the Amazonas

6 May
Tuesday 6 May
After some deep investigation yesterday night, we did not find anything in Tena that propose us a tour in the jungle. So early this morning, we take the bus for Puerto MisahuallĂ­, a village on the Napo river, and the main touristic port of the Ecuadorian Amazonas region. From here, we take […]

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The Yana Cocha reserve

5th May
Monday 5 May
We get up for sunrise. Today, the distance we have to cover is not much, but as we are in a new environment, the jungle, we will probably stop a lot to take pictures. After only ten kilometres, just as we leave Puyo, we pass by the rescue centre of Yana Cocha […]

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Going down to the jungle

3rd and 4th May
Saturday 3 May
After a long great night, we feel much better. Today, Saturday, there is a market of clothes, hats, small jewels for the indigenous people. Here, each community can be recognised by their poncho and hat. It’s very beautiful clothes, full of vivid colours. Maritza explains us about them.

Afterwards, we go […]

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The Chimborazo

30th April to 2nd May
Wednesday 30 April
We enjoy a well-deserved rest day in Riobamba. Stefano and his wife Maritza take good care of us, cook for us, and they advise us for the next days: finally, we will spend a little more time in the Oriente (the jungle part of Ecuador), because there are good […]

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The volcans route, from Cuenca to Riobamba

24th to 29th April
Thursday 24 April
Alexandra brings us for a visit of the city during the day. We first go to a market, to have a “brunch” with local specialties, generally made of corn. We see the new cathedral, which construction started some 150 years ago! and it is still not finished: the two spires […]

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The biggest climb!!

21st to 23rd April
Monday 21 April
It’s already time to leave this paradise-like place. We have three days of cycling to come, in order to arrive in Cuenca on Wednesday, so that we can spend Thursday with Alex to visit her city before she leaves, on Thursday evening. The first part of the route, Playas-Guayaquil, we […]

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Beach in Peru and Ecuador

16th to 20th April
Wednesday 16 April
We arrive at Mancora at 7h. We’ve just passed by a wind farm and the oil region of Talara, full of small pumps (caballitos). Mancora is still sleeping but we manage to find a place for breakfast. 5 minutes leaving the bus, we realize that we forgot one bag inside […]

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