Zambia and the renewable energy

Maximilian Musumali works as secretary in Zarena. Zarena stands for Zambia Renewable Energy Agency. It has been created this month of August. It’s a company “limited by guarantee”. It has the structure of a non-profit association, but it’s much faster to be built. The goal of Zarena is to channel the motivation for Renewable Energy […]

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Earth Life Africa – Johannesburg

Earthlife Africa Johannesburg (ELA Jhb) was created in 1988 in Johannesburg, and is an environmental and anti-nuclear organization. The group was a key to exposing how segregationist apartheid policies repeated themselves in South African environmental governance and thus how environmental injustice reinforces inequality. ELA Jhb is now acting as a reforming lobby, and is considered […]

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Renewable Energy in Mexico

Rafael Carmona is member of the ANES (Asociación Nacional de Energía solar), and he is president of the company Greenmotion, a consulting company for the renewable energy areas. He is working also with the secretary of energy, in order to create some funds for the energetic sustainability, and to help innovation and promising projects. Rafael […]

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Renewable Energy in Nepal

7 and 8 January
Tuesday 7 January
In the morning, we get up not too late, and repair the bikes. Then we go to a meeting with people working in the small company Wind Power Nepal. Finally, we discover Kathmandu by day. The city looks quite special. It’s noisy, polluted, with people moving everywhere, and a chaotic […]

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Energy and Waste treatment in China

Note: We are sorry for not having updated the website earlier. We have been with very bad internet connection (or no connection at all) since we left China.

Note 2: The videos of the previous posts (North Vietnam, and YunNan) have been uploaded. Finally!!

On Monday 23rd December, we were kindly invited by Shu Chen, Vice Director […]

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Thailand’s sustainable future

In order to discover Thailand’s sustainable future we have a meeting with Doctor Sopitsuda Tongsopit (Jiab). She works for Chulalongkorn University’s Energy Research Institute. Together, we have a very interesting discussion about the energy aspects in Thailand, and the Renewable Energy prospects there. Jiab has already very kindly prepared us a small presentation about the […]

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Small introduction on the energy and environment in Malaysia

We meet Luqman Chuah, Professor and Deputy Dean from the Universiti Putra Malaysia. We set up the appointment in the complex of the Petronas Tower, the symbol of Kuala Lumpur. Professor Chuah has agreed to give us an introduction of the energy and environmental situation in Malaysia. The following is the summary of our conversation. […]

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Energy in Singapore

22nd October

After the visit, we head back to the centre of Singapore, and even further South West. We go to meet Ho Hiang Kwee, a researcher, to talk about the energy situation of Singapore.

Ho Hiang Kwee is Adjunct Principal Fellow Researcher. He works for both the government of Singapore and for the Energy Studies Institute. […]

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