Food in Argentina

Finally, we are in Argentina, and we can eat as much meat as we want (even more). But Argentinian food is not only beef!! Here are some things we were lucky to try in Argentina. (Like for every entry about food, you should come here after eating, or it may be hard to refrain from […]

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One week in Delhi

24th to 31st January
Friday 24 January
From the train window, we see India passing before our eyes. The land around us is very much occupied: fields, towns, rivers, ! always a lot of people, and also cows and dogs. And many places full of trash. It looks like an impressionist’s painting, with many touches of colour. […]

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A look back on our Christmas in China

19th December to 6th January
Monday 6 January
Hi everyone. It’s now the 6th of January, and we start again our adventure. We are in Kunming and arrived yesterday by train from Sichuan. We get up at 6h30 to finish packing our stuffs, and go to the airport to take the plane for Nepal. But first, here […]

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From Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City

23rd to 27th November
Saturday 23 November
We had a nice, long night, to rest from yesterday’s emotions. We go to take breakfast in the small restaurant nearby, rice with meat. Today, Phavy takes us around the city by car. We first drive around to find a place to sew the flags we bought in Bangkok on […]

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Food in Malaysia

We stayed in Malaysia exactly 10 days. But thanks to the family and friends of Kurt, we discovered so many things… and food is an important part of these new experiences!

As in the rest of Asia, the base of the meal is rice. The specialty in Malaysia is the rice cooked in coconut milk. It’s […]

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Food in Indonesia

So, here we are, in Singapore, and looking back at our three weeks spent in Indonesia. And next to the magical landscapes and wonderful people we met, we will remember the food in Indonesia. We were looking forward to every meal, in order to try local food. Here, food in the small restaurants (warung) is […]

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16th, 17th, 18th of October

We arrive in the bus station of Jakarta at 5h30 am. After mounting the bikes, we head towards the house of our next couchsurfer, Citra. Before arriving to Jakarta, we heard everyone warning us of the traffic here! so we were prepared to affront hell. In fact, it is not as […]

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