One week in Delhi

24th to 31st January
Friday 24 January
From the train window, we see India passing before our eyes. The land around us is very much occupied: fields, towns, rivers, ! always a lot of people, and also cows and dogs. And many places full of trash. It looks like an impressionist’s painting, with many touches of colour. […]

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Discussion about the CDM

28th January

On the 28th, we meet with Arjun Some, a Senior Consultant from Ernst & Young LLp. He used to do a lot of work with Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and therefore, we have many questions to ask him.

CDM, CER how does it work?

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has been defined in the Kyoto Protocol […]

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Presentation at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Our presentation at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is available here.

Professor Mukesh Khare kindly introduced us with students taking sustainable initiative on the IIT campus. These initiatives concern domain such as Water / Food (food waste management) / Transportation (creation of a car pooling platform) / Biodiversity (making the inventory of the fauna and […]

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Varanasi, Ganges river, and the Hindu religion…

22nd and 23rd January
Wednesday 22 January
Today, we finally can sleep a little. We meet our guide, Sandip, at 10. First thing, we go to the train station to buy our tickets for Delhi. In fact, there is an office reserved for foreigners. That’s a good idea, because the Indian mess makes it impossible for us […]

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From Nepal to Varanasi, discovering cycling in India

17th to 21th January
Friday 17 January
Since we went to sleep early, we get up without problems before sunrise. The weather is very wet, there is fog on all the valley. Today, we decided to go to Gorakhpur, some 130km away, where Jamil, Shakil’s brother, will host us. And also we have to pass the border, […]

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