Visit of a Green School

27th September
After a first good night in Bali, we wake up around 8, ready to do our first visit. We will go to the Green School. It’s located 20km North West of Refi’s house. It takes us 1h30 to go there. The road conditions confirm what we saw yesterday: there are many more scooters than […]

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First contact with Bali!!

25th and 26th September 2013
Drrrring!!!! Drrrriiing!!!
It’s Wednesday 25th of September, 3 AM!! It’s the D day! Today starts the adventure of our life! So it’s better to get up early.
We leave Sillingy at 3h30, in the van of Victor, a very nice neighbour, in direction of Geneva. At these hours, there is no traffic jam […]

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