Crossing Oaxaca heartland

13th to 16th June
Friday 13 June
We arrive at Oaxaca at 6h30. After mounting the bikes, we go for a breakfast. And a second breakfast, why not. We arrive at Alex’s house around 8h30. We contacted him through warmshowers, and he will host us tonight. He is American, and lives here with his girlfriend Julia. After […]

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Breaks in Pasto and Cali

10th to 15th May
Saturday 10 May
It’s with some sadness that we leave David’s family, Quito, and Ecuador today. We had planned to cross the country in 10 days, but in fact, we stayed three weeks: Ecuador captivated us, for its people, the landscapes, the diversity, the dynamism! this country is really a great touristic destination.

This […]

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The Chimborazo

30th April to 2nd May
Wednesday 30 April
We enjoy a well-deserved rest day in Riobamba. Stefano and his wife Maritza take good care of us, cook for us, and they advise us for the next days: finally, we will spend a little more time in the Oriente (the jungle part of Ecuador), because there are good […]

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The volcans route, from Cuenca to Riobamba

24th to 29th April
Thursday 24 April
Alexandra brings us for a visit of the city during the day. We first go to a market, to have a “brunch” with local specialties, generally made of corn. We see the new cathedral, which construction started some 150 years ago! and it is still not finished: the two spires […]

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The biggest climb!!

21st to 23rd April
Monday 21 April
It’s already time to leave this paradise-like place. We have three days of cycling to come, in order to arrive in Cuenca on Wednesday, so that we can spend Thursday with Alex to visit her city before she leaves, on Thursday evening. The first part of the route, Playas-Guayaquil, we […]

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Inca ruins in Pitumarka and Cusco

6th to 10th April
Sunday 6 April
We get up early, just at sunrise. We take breakfast with the father Paco (nickname of François in Spanish), where he explains us how to go to the ruins of Machu Pitumarca. It’s the rest of an Inca settlement on top of the mountains, with some houses and a citadel […]

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Following the First Incas towards Cusco

1st to 5th April

NOTE: Finally we have been able to upload our videos on Youtube. You can check on our last posts (since San Pedro de Atacama), or our Youtube page.
Tuesday 1 April
Today is a rest day! We enjoy for updating our mails, cleaning the bikes, and resting! our muscles will thank us tomorrow. Geovanni […]

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On the North coast of Titicaca lake

27th to 31st March
Thursday 27 March
We get up at 6h30. After having gone to bed at 2h30, the night has been very short. And why get up so early? Because Cristian (so many Cristian around here, now it’s the owner of the Casa de Ciclistas) proposed to take us up to El Alto where he […]

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Extreme biking between San Pedro and Uyuni

10th to 18th March
Monday 10 March
We get up at 6h30. It’s still dark outside. We have breakfast in the patio of the hostel, and we get ready to leave. In the end, we only stayed one night in San Pedro, and we did not take time to visit the wonders of nature around! but all […]

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Crossing the Cordillera

23rd February to 1st March
Sunday 23 February
After a good night at Estela’s house, we head towards the city. For lunch, we are invited by Mona and Sara to a Gourmet degustation in a Bodega (wine farm) a little outside Mendoza. We go to the Bodega Dominio del Plata, in Luján de Cuyo. As soon as […]

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