Expedition to the Aconcagua

6th to 22nd February
Thursday 6 February (Day 01)
After a good night of sleep, we set up the last things, and prepare our bags for the expedition. Klaus and Federico drive us to the NH hotel at 2pm. That’s where we met our guide Mariano, along with the rest of the team: the other two guides, […]

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Chasing the 8000m !

13th to 16th January
Monday 13 January
Today is a rest day, finally, and what’s more in all the comfort we had dreamt of. We send most of the day in the hotel, working on the computer and resting. We also take care of the bikes, they have suffered these last days in Nepal. In the evening, […]

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Tour de Gorkha with Pushkar Shah

9th to 12th January
Thursday 9 January
We had not planned it, but we will spend one more day in Kathmandu. Following Sophie’s recommendation, today, we go for a ride in the hills in the East of Kathmandu. More precisely, we will go to Nagarkot tower, where we are supposed to have a great view on all […]

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Bromo volcano

11th and 12th October

Today, we leave Banyuwangui for Malang. Since we could not put the bicycle in the train for Malang directly, we’ll take another train, for Bangil, and then cycle 40km more to Malang. The train leaves at 8h30, so we arrive one hour earlier at the station, in order to have time […]

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Going to hell

8th, 9th and 10th October

We get up at 7 and pack up our panniers after breakfast. We leave around 8h! that’s good, we are starting to get used to packing. We ride until Gilimanuk, some 23km away, to take the boat for Java. This morning, it is really hard to cycle. Is it the […]

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Crossing Bali

5th, 6th and 7th October

After a good sleep and a calm morning we leave Refi’s house at around 11am. Today, we are definitely leaving Denpasar, and start our travel forward. As decided a few days before, we will reach the West of Bali by following the North coast. For this, we have first to […]

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Trekking in Rinjani

30th Septembre, 1st and 2nd October


The alarm clock is set for 4h15 am but we are already ready when it rings since the night has been very hot (maybe 30 degrees), and we’ve been attacked by mosquitoes all night. The guide we met is coming directly to our house by motorbike and we are waiting […]

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