Lusaka, the end of the trip

31st August to 5th September

Sunday 31 August
We go to the handicraft market, in the surroundings of the Arcade shopping mall. There are hundreds of men exposing their products directly […]

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A paradise… for tourists

27th to 30th June
Friday 27 June
We arrive around 9h at Tulum. Wow! It’s totally different from Palenque. Here we feel like in a beach city, organised for the tourists. There is one main streets with shops and restaurants on both sides, a lot of white-skinned tourists in swimming suit and flip-flops, people are calm, in […]

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Bogota, our last step in enchanting South America

28th May to 2nd June

At the end of this post, you’ll find the answers of the MedellĂ­n Botero paintings.
Wednesday 28 May
We get up at 4h30, to pack everything, load the bikes, and go to the terminal. There, Fabi needs to negotiate strongly, so that the driver accepts the bikes for a tip that is not […]

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Finally, we are in Buenos Aires!

1st to 5th February
Saturday 1 February
After a very short night between Delhi and Doha, we arrive in Qatar for sunrise. The airport seems to be an important hub: we do not see many locals, but a lot of tourists, mainly Chinese. As it is Chinese New Year now, many Chinese enjoyed the little holidays they […]

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First contact with Bali!!

25th and 26th September 2013
Drrrring!!!! Drrrriiing!!!
It’s Wednesday 25th of September, 3 AM!! It’s the D day! Today starts the adventure of our life! So it’s better to get up early.
We leave Sillingy at 3h30, in the van of Victor, a very nice neighbour, in direction of Geneva. At these hours, there is no traffic jam […]

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