Meeting with Timothy and his students

This morning we have a talk with Timothy Phiri, and his students. Timothy in an environmental educator lectures about sustainability at UNZA (University of Zambia). The Environmental Education undergraduate programme is a relatively new in Zambia, having been introduced in 2008. The programme focuses on various sustainability issues including energy issues. He arranged a meeting […]

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We are in Johannesburg!

17th to 22nd July
Thursday 17 July
We arrive in Joburg in two different planes, Mick from Addis Ababa and Julien from Doha. The planes are supposed to arrive within only 25 minutes difference. But there is delay… Mick’s plane is one hour late. And Julien’s plane is also one hour late. So we manage to encounter […]

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Earth Life Africa – Johannesburg

Earthlife Africa Johannesburg (ELA Jhb) was created in 1988 in Johannesburg, and is an environmental and anti-nuclear organization. The group was a key to exposing how segregationist apartheid policies repeated themselves in South African environmental governance and thus how environmental injustice reinforces inequality. ELA Jhb is now acting as a reforming lobby, and is considered […]

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The last residence of Lev Trotsky

A short biography:

Lev Davidovitch Bronstein is born in 1879 in Yanovka, in the Ukraine part of the tsarist Russia, in a rather comfortable Jewish family of farmers. He is sent at 9 to the cosmopolitan city of Odessa to receive education. That’s where he gets introduced to the revolutionary ideas, and starts to organize a […]

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Renewable Energy in Mexico

Rafael Carmona is member of the ANES (Asociación Nacional de Energía solar), and he is president of the company Greenmotion, a consulting company for the renewable energy areas. He is working also with the secretary of energy, in order to create some funds for the energetic sustainability, and to help innovation and promising projects. Rafael […]

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In Quito, with the history, politics and environment

7th to 9th May
Wednesday 7 May
This morning, we take the bus to go to Quito. Once again, it’s easy to put the bikes inside the bus, and they do not ask us for any tip or extra. The road is always turning. No more than 100m without a curve! And fortunately, we do it by […]

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Development and Environment in Bolivia

In order to learn about the situation of development and environment in Bolivia, we meet the responsible of the NGO Fobomade.

Fobomade (Foro Boliviano sobre Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo) is an NGO, working about the environment and the development of Bolivia. They are a small organisation, publishing a few books a year, and very engaged in […]

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Renewable Energy in Nepal

7 and 8 January
Tuesday 7 January
In the morning, we get up not too late, and repair the bikes. Then we go to a meeting with people working in the small company Wind Power Nepal. Finally, we discover Kathmandu by day. The city looks quite special. It’s noisy, polluted, with people moving everywhere, and a chaotic […]

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Environmental Economy in China

On Saturday 28th December, we go to Chengdu to have a meeting with Jing Xu, an economy teacher who specialized in environmental economy during her PhD.

About her: Jing Xu did her PhD in the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, in Spain, during 5 years, about environmental economics. She applied Game Theory on whether private companies would […]

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Thailand’s sustainable future

In order to discover Thailand’s sustainable future we have a meeting with Doctor Sopitsuda Tongsopit (Jiab). She works for Chulalongkorn University’s Energy Research Institute. Together, we have a very interesting discussion about the energy aspects in Thailand, and the Renewable Energy prospects there. Jiab has already very kindly prepared us a small presentation about the […]

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