Discovering the NGO Wasaza

Alexandra Conroy is working for Wasaza, the Water and Sanitation Association of Zambia. This association was established in 1999 with the vision “to have a well managed and efficient water and sanitation sector with competent water professionals and researchers”. Its mission is to “enhance capacity in the water sector through training, collaboration, networking and research”.

Wasaza […]

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Research about fuel cells and paper making in the University del Valle

13th May
Fuel Cells
The first meeting is with Rubén Camargo about fuel cells. The university started to look at fuel cells for possible environmental developments, but they are now also applied in the medical field.

A fuel cell is composed by two solutions, one anodic, the other one cathodic, separated by a membrane. It works exactly like […]

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Environmental Economy in China

On Saturday 28th December, we go to Chengdu to have a meeting with Jing Xu, an economy teacher who specialized in environmental economy during her PhD.

About her: Jing Xu did her PhD in the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, in Spain, during 5 years, about environmental economics. She applied Game Theory on whether private companies would […]

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Energy and Waste treatment in China

Note: We are sorry for not having updated the website earlier. We have been with very bad internet connection (or no connection at all) since we left China.

Note 2: The videos of the previous posts (North Vietnam, and YunNan) have been uploaded. Finally!!

On Monday 23rd December, we were kindly invited by Shu Chen, Vice Director […]

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22nd October

Today is a busy day. We booked a visit at the Newater plant for noon, and meet a researcher in Energy in the afternoon. After a little swim in the morning (who could have resisted?), we head towards the Newater plant. It is in the East of the city, very near the airport. As […]

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From waste to compost

3rd and 4th October

This morning we decide to come back to Bali, instead of going to the splendid islands of Gili. It’s a difficult choice to make. Our legs are still smoking but we want to have time to visit a CDM project tomorrow on Bali. After some shopping in Mataram (including a new […]

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