A paradise… for tourists

27th to 30th June
Friday 27 June
We arrive around 9h at Tulum. Wow! It’s totally different from Palenque. Here we feel like in a beach city, organised for the tourists. There is one main streets with shops and restaurants on both sides, a lot of white-skinned tourists in swimming suit and flip-flops, people are calm, in […]

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Feeling the Mayas in Chiapas

21st to 26th June
Saturday 21 June
Today, we take the bus for San Cristobal de las Casas, in Chiapas. As the direct bus would have let us in the middle of the night over there, we chose to go first to Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of the state. And from there finally, we take a bus […]

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Crossing Oaxaca heartland

13th to 16th June
Friday 13 June
We arrive at Oaxaca at 6h30. After mounting the bikes, we go for a breakfast. And a second breakfast, why not. We arrive at Alex’s house around 8h30. We contacted him through warmshowers, and he will host us tonight. He is American, and lives here with his girlfriend Julia. After […]

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Meeting Pepito in Puebla

7th to 9th June
Saturday 7 June
In the morning, we were thinking of visiting the centre of Puebla, but the sky is threatening! and soon enough, it starts to rain. So we rest at Pepito’s house. In the afternoon, we go to Pepito’s sister house, for the birthday of her husband. We see there the family […]

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In the maze of Mexico City

3rd to 6th June
Tuesday 3 June
After a first good night in Mexico, we take our first breakfast here, a few sandwiches. Then we go to the main square, called Zócalo (I cannot say centre, because we are accommodated in the centre, and the Zócalo is also in the centre, the scale is different here). It […]

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Inca ruins in Pitumarka and Cusco

6th to 10th April
Sunday 6 April
We get up early, just at sunrise. We take breakfast with the father Paco (nickname of François in Spanish), where he explains us how to go to the ruins of Machu Pitumarca. It’s the rest of an Inca settlement on top of the mountains, with some houses and a citadel […]

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On the road to Hanoi

6th to 9th December
Friday 6 December
Today, we rest in Phan Rang, at Kim’s place. We get up a little before 9, to go to take breakfast with Alex. We go just nearby to eat bread and coffee. Of course, the lady of the small restaurant is super surprised when Mick asks for a fourth bread […]

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Exploring Angkor temples

Sunday 17 November
We get up around 8, after a good night of sleep. We go by bike to Angkor Wat, that is 10km in the North of where we sleep. Of course, we first have our rice for breakfast. From Siem Reap to Angkor, we take the main road, which is called Charles de Gaulle […]

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Around Jogja

13th, 14th and 15th October

We get up at 5h30, and have a very good western breakfast at the homestay with Rani. Then we leave for Malang, to take our train at 8h. Here too, it’s better to arrive early, in case we may have some complications with the bikes. And we do have! it […]

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