Cycling in Southern Zambia

25th to 30th August
Monday 25 August
We get up at 6, a little before sunrise. It’s very cold this morning. We take our time to organize our panniers. Finally, we leave the camping, around 10h.

In the end, we have spent 8 days here, and it has been very pleasant. The camping was very calm, with wonderful […]

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Safari in North Namibia

11th and 12th August
Monday 11 August
We leave Sarien and Dennis’ place at 8h30 to take the bus. It’s again Intercape, and this time, we do not have a box. So we decide to wrap the bikes together in a cling film. It has the advantage of protecting the bikes, preventing them to make other luggage […]

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On Oaxaca coast – Sea, Heat and Sun

17th to 20th June
Tuesday 17 June
Today, we will follow the coast, down to Mazunte. It’s only some 70km, so we can relax a bit this morning. Thank you Jim for this great night among the humming birds!

So here we are at 11h, leaving for Mazunte!. Big mistake! The weather is very hot now, at least […]

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Expedition to the Aconcagua

6th to 22nd February
Thursday 6 February (Day 01)
After a good night of sleep, we set up the last things, and prepare our bags for the expedition. Klaus and Federico drive us to the NH hotel at 2pm. That’s where we met our guide Mariano, along with the rest of the team: the other two guides, […]

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In the South of Thailand

2nd to 6th November

We leave Murshed’s house around 8h30. He drives us to the police station, to recuperate our bikes. Then we go to the port of Kuala Perlis. We want to cross the border by boat. Kuala Perlis is the main port to go to the Malaysian island of Langkawi, a very touristic island. […]

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Around Jogja

13th, 14th and 15th October

We get up at 5h30, and have a very good western breakfast at the homestay with Rani. Then we leave for Malang, to take our train at 8h. Here too, it’s better to arrive early, in case we may have some complications with the bikes. And we do have! it […]

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Trekking in Rinjani

30th Septembre, 1st and 2nd October


The alarm clock is set for 4h15 am but we are already ready when it rings since the night has been very hot (maybe 30 degrees), and we’ve been attacked by mosquitoes all night. The guide we met is coming directly to our house by motorbike and we are waiting […]

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