Presentation at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Our presentation at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is available here.

Professor Mukesh Khare kindly introduced us with students taking sustainable initiative on the IIT campus. These initiatives concern domain such as Water / Food (food waste management) / Transportation (creation of a car pooling platform) / Biodiversity (making the inventory of the fauna and […]

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Thailand’s sustainable future

In order to discover Thailand’s sustainable future we have a meeting with Doctor Sopitsuda Tongsopit (Jiab). She works for Chulalongkorn University’s Energy Research Institute. Together, we have a very interesting discussion about the energy aspects in Thailand, and the Renewable Energy prospects there. Jiab has already very kindly prepared us a small presentation about the […]

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Rest in Singapore

19th, 20th, 21th October

We had a good night on the boat. In the end, the cabin we have is comfortable enough. We enjoy our free time on the ferry to update ourselves with everything we can do offline. We arrive in Pulau Batam around 16h30. We are a little concerned whether we’ll manage to go […]

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Visit of a Green School

27th September
After a first good night in Bali, we wake up around 8, ready to do our first visit. We will go to the Green School. It’s located 20km North West of Refi’s house. It takes us 1h30 to go there. The road conditions confirm what we saw yesterday: there are many more scooters than […]

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