“Towards a green horizon” is a biking journey around the world in order to discoverer our sustainable future in the domain of environment and energy.

What is the objective of this journey?

The idea is to stop by places where renewable energy technologies / solutions for a sustainable environmental management are being implemented. We wish to meet up with professionals, academics, politicians and locals in order to discuss issues related with sustainable development. We are looking forward to linking our engineering knowledge in this field and the real-life situation. What motivates us is to learn how local barriers have been overcome to develop a project with renewable energy, energy efficiency / storage / etc. Looking at its benefits and disadvantages in terms of environmental, societal and economic impact will be mostly interesting to us. Sharing our knowledge is also part of the idea of this sustainable world tour and we shall do our best to do it. We think that a biking journey that adds up local pictures in order to build up a global image of our sustainable future is a great idea!

One of the ideas that we will pursue is to visit Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects that are defined in the Kyoto Protocol (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). These projects provide greenhouse gases (GHG) emission reduction and are founded within emissions trading schemes. They can be of many kinds: geothermal, wind, hydro, solar thermal / photovoltaic, cogeneration, gasification, biogas, solid waste management, wastewater treatment, etc. For that purpose, we have already started to make our own network of professional working with CDM projects.

How is the itinerary drawn?

The travel will last one year and will take us on 3 continents Asia, America and Africa. The itinerary has been drawn so that it covers a great variety of countries, climates and cultures. Attention was brought to the fact that some countries are not cyclable at certain seasons, that some mountains (especially the Aconcagua) can only be climbed during the austral summer, or that we could need transportation back-up on the way. The itinerary is scheduled on a daily basis but it shall allow for a comfortable flexibility and room for improvisation on the way. Our main constraints will be for the flights that we will book a lot in advance to get the best deals. At first we wished to avoid planes although it appeared that travelling on cargos is far more expensive and less flexible, thus we will fly. However, in order to comply with the spirit of this journey, we intend to compensate for our GHG emissions for each flight.

Building up network and sparking debate:

The goal of this journey is to build up a network of people with an interest in the field of sustainable energy engineering and environmental management, as well as to reinforce the existing ones. We wish to bring resources, fresh ideas and motivation to the maximum. We wish to galvanize the ME3‘s international network and bring inspiration to new students.

Our contribution will be to the form of newsletters, workshops on the way, conferences, the publication of a book and a photographic exhibition.

We aim at conveying and instilling the idea that sustainability is just about a fascinating change in mindset, that it is only about quitting our bad habits and working for a more equitable, and more social world.

Sustainability is just a few meters away and it is not impossible!