Carbon offsetting, what’s that?

During this journey, and particularly during the different flights take, we will emit Green House Gases (GHG). These, mostly composed of carbon dioxide (CO2), are responsible for climate change. In order to comply with the theme of our journey, and with our will to decrease our carbon footprint, we want to offset (or compensate) these emissions.

A carbon offset is a reduction of carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gases, made in order to compensate for, or to offset, an emission made elsewhere.

In order to offset our emissions, we need to know their amount and so, we used an online calculator. They are various flight emissions calculator on the web, more or less accurate. We chose the one that is given by the carbon neutral company, which is specialized in this area.

Then, how to offset?

In order to offset our emissions, we want to go with Flexiway Solar Solutions, whose co-funder is also our sponsor on the Aconcagua expedition. This company has developed a solar-powered LED light (called the Solar muscle!) that is used to replace kerosene lamps in Africa and the rest of the world. The solar muscle has won the Australian Business Award 2013 as Best Eco product!


The following video presents this fantastic idea:

In Tanzania and Papua New Guinea, 1-2 litres of kerosene were saved per week, on average, when a kerosene lamp was replaced by a Solar Muscle. Conservatively, that is at least 50 litres per year.

Every litre of kerosene saved is about 3 kgs of CO2 avoided, so every light saves about 150 kgs CO2 / year. Although the lights can work for many years, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) limits the use of the light for CDM purposes to two years (unless each light can be tracked and reported, which is very impractical). Consequently, every light will save about 300 kgs, or 0,3 ton of CO2.

We calculated that 69 lights are required to offset our emissions.

Offset us!

In order to help us offsetting our emissions, we offer you three options, Economy, Business, and First Class.

Economy: Sponsor us with 1 Solar Muscle and we will send you 1 postcard + 2 stickers with our logo.

Business: Sponsor us with 7 Solar Muscle and we will send you 10 postcards from the different countries we will go through + 3 stickers.

First Class: Sponsor us with 20 Solar Muscle and we will send you a package containing a handcraft souvenir from the country we will be in + a postcard from each country we are going through + 5 stickers

To order your Solar Muscle you can do it with the following module or here.

Vert L’Horizon Carbon offset

Percentage of Solar Muscle donated, out of 69:

Carbon offset 100